World’s Richest Wave for Surfer Adventure in Mentawai

mentawai island | tukang jalan

Do you think that you are a true surfer? If you say yes, you are necessary to have economical holidays in Mentawai Island where waves are quite challenging to conquer. One of the chains of seventy islands off the western coastal of Sumatra is considered as the largest islands among any other islands.

When the visitors come to visit this island, they tend to spend the time to surf in the beach, since the waves in Mentawai Island have been long known as the perfect waves either for the novice or for professional surfer. No wonder that in 2011, Mentawai was the location where the prestigious International surfing championship was held.
Since it, world acknowledges that Mentawai Island has the perfect wave for crazy surfer. When the holiday comes, people from different part of Indonesia come to spend the day surfing in the beach:

What to do in Mentawai Island?

When you decide to visit Mentawai Island as your economical holidays, you can do lots of thing instead of surfing. One of the activities is to interact with the native people in order to learn the culture and the traditional life style. Such edu-tourism activity will bring the visitors to learn more about the traditional house named uma.
To get know with the traditional culture in Mentawai Island, the journey will take you to the remote area such as Madobak, Butui or Matotonan with the old boat that can hold only seven people. During the travel in the remote area of Mentawai, the indigenous people living in that place will serve the visitors some foods in order to create the unforgettable experiences.
Apart from the activities like surfing and edu-tourism, you can set your life free from any business out there. Here, you can rent a hotel and enjoy the facilities such as swimming in the private beach, massage, spa or culinary. To those who want to upload the beautiful moment during the holiday, internet connection is also available, though Mentawai Island is quite far from the city.

Mentawai Island Accommodation

If you are not satisfied to spend the economical holidays in Mentawai for one day, you can spend the night by renting the nearby hotels and resorts to stay. Many hotels with various prices are available around the beach as the place for the visitor who wants to spend a couple of days or more.
Every hotel and resort in Mentawai Island will offer you with different facilities and the enjoyment during the stay along with the scenic panorama of beach. The rate of hotels and resorts in Mentawai is different from one to another that ranges from hundred thousand to a million.
Mentawai Island is the perfect destination for the true surfer who loves to have adrenalin rush when conquering the wave. People from another part of Indonesia come to have economical holidays to set aside the business by relaxing in the resorts that offer some interesting facilities including massage and swimming in private pool or beaches. Thus, due to the beauty of its nature and the perfect wave for surfing, Mentawai Island is famous all over the world.

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