Togean Island: An Exquisite under Water World for Wanderlust Divers

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Here is the big question for all travelers! Where the first tourist destination will you explore for its beauty in Indonesia? Bali will be the top rank among the travelers either from domestic or from international. But now, we suggest you to set aside Bali and it’ all beauty, then have economical vacation in Togean Islands.

Over 17.000 islands that spread from the east to west, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, an island with 37 villages hides a scenic panorama that will create the memorable vacations with the exquisite under water life. Formed by the volcano activity, this island is surrounded by the coral reef formations where the sea creatures such as dugong, turtle, jellyfish with a little red spot and hawksbill turtle live in.
Apart from the sea life, a beautiful bird commonly called as Togean white-eye has become the species that inhabit this island since its declaration as the new endemic species in 2008. The various types of animals, sea creatures and the scenic panorama of this island makes Togean Islands fame for their beauty and here are things to do during your holidays in that island.

Diving and Snorkeling

Fame for its magnificent underwater life, Togean Islands is the very best destinations for divers who want to have economical vacation and see the huge sea creature like barracuda, napoleon fish, snapper that live in a group. The excellent panorama of the breath-taking sea life including of beautiful coral reefs has attracts the divers to dive deeper and deeper.
The endless diving activity in Togean Islands will take you to discover the oldest B24 plane wreckage with the good shape from the past World War II in 1945 flown by the US Air Force. Been long under the water, this plane now is the habitat of the corals and many colorful fishes such as shrimps, glass fishes and crocodile fish.

Paying a visit to sea gypsies

Since this Togean Islands comprises of three largest islands, with 37 villages, one has attracted the visitors to pay a visit. A group of Bajo people, latter called as sea gypsies is the native people who live in the boats and spend the whole life in the sea. They will come to land for certain purposes such as trading or buying rice.
This economical vacation that cost you around 500 – 600 thousands rupiah per boat will take you to get in touch with the children of sea gypsies. Since the children live in the sea and never be exposed to the technology, camera will be the most interesting tools to observe and as result they love taking picture as close as possible. Nevertheless, if you want to save your camera from the children of Togean Islands, you can give them paper and pencil, since these stuffs are what they want the most.
An economical vacation would be the memorable one if you decide to have such challenging trip to discover the land of Togean Islands. The magnificence of sea life including of the colorful coral reefs, jellyfish and the most extraordinary plane wreckage where the school of fishes live in are the stunning and inviting panorama that deserves to get explored. Therefore, it is recommended that visitors pay a visit to this island during long holiday, since exquisite scenery in Togean Islands will not come to an end for a day.

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