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Are you planning to have economical holidays in Indonesia in this near future? If you do so, we suggest you to visit East Nusa Tenggara Province, especially Lombok Island. If you have no idea how your Komodo tours start with, you can find some references on which part of Lombok hides the beauty that worth visiting.

Finding the tour travel is the good choice for you if you are not sure the best part of Lombok that you have got to visit. With the help of tour travel, you are not necessary worried to start your Komodo tours to meet the largest of lizard dragon in Lombok. In addition to see lizard dragon, your holidays will be the most unforgettable one if you take a tour to visit some other spot that will serve you with breath-taking natural panorama. Below are some beautiful spots that you should not miss during your trip in Lombok:

Komodo Tours of Komodo National Park

Broadly known throughout the world, Komodo National Park is one of the must-visit destinations during the Komodo tours in Lombok. An ancient creature with the length reaching until 3.35 meter and weigh almost 136 kilograms will welcome you once you enter this national park.
These largest lizards have been long attracted the tourists to get to close with this animal and see how it looks like. When you want to have a close look with this heaviest lizard, you are obliged to be with the guard since this animal will probably attack you if your presence with your group does disturb this lizard. Nowadays, this Komodo monitor remains 2.739 that spreads in this park and the rest are in the island around Lombok.
Apart from enjoying seeing the Komodo monitor in your economical holidays, your Komodo tours will take you to dive and see thousand species of fish, 260 species of reef-building corals and 70 species of sponges. Besides, there are around 32 species of mammals, 128 birds, 37 reptiles that inhabit this park.
No wonder that with the variety species of animals including of lizard dragon, this park was declared as the UNESCO world heritage site in 1991. Since then, both locals and tourists plan to go on a Komodo tours to see how incredibly beautiful that site is.

Komodo Tours of Pink Beach

By the help of tour travel to have the economical holidays, the Komodo tours will shortly continue to pink beach where visitors can see the awesome under water life. Thousands species of fish including of lion fish, grouper, snappers and scorpion fish are creatures that live behind the colorful corals and reefs.
Pin beach is also considered to be the perfect site to have night diving to see the rare sea creature wandering at night. In addition, to dive the visitors who go on a Komodo tours in this pink beach will spend the day lying on the sand composed by the red coral fragments. It is not surprising that visitors who take a Komodo tours will never miss to visit this beautiful panorama.
The beauty of Lombok is no longer questioned, since there are many natural views that attract the locals and tourists to go on Komodo tours. To save your budget and to avoid the risk of being confused to visit the beautiful sites in Lombok, visitor who wants to have economical holidays always use the help of tour travel agent. By choosing the appropriate tour travel agent, you can pick one of the available packages so that you can save a half of your money.

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