A Primordial Experience of Breath-Taking Baliem Valley Resort

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For this session, your economical vacation will take you to the best site in Papua. Located at the 1900mdpl, Baliem Valley Resort is such an inviting tourist destination for those who want to get in touch with the cultural diversity among the native people of Papua. The mighty Jayawijaya and the dense green forest are the best views that will you see during your memorable holiday in Papua.

Baliem Valley Resort itself lies in the eastern edge of Baliem Valley where the nature offers the visitors with the magnificent scenery. The beautiful landscapes and the culturally rich people that belong to Dani tribe are the reason why the Baliem Valley obtains its prominence among the tourists who pay a visit to this place.
Apart from the breath-taking panorama, Baliem Valley Resort also offers the visitors with the 3 star resorts with all the facilities. Plus, 15 bungalows designed like a traditional Dani’s house with the modern bathrooms, windows and verandas offers the beauty of Baliem valley. Here are some beautiful sites that worth visiting during your trip to Baliem Valley:

Sekan Mountain

The economical vacation in Baliem Valley will bring you to Sekan mount tracking for the amazing natural views. Starting from the resort, it will take an hour to reach the summit where you can see the extraordinary view below such as the beauty of complex Baliem Valley Resort, the Siepkosi Valley and the southern part of Baliem Valley.
Having satisfied to see the stunning views from the top of mountain, your return tracking will be continued to go through the beautiful vegetation, orchids, lichen, moss, tree ferns and carnivorous plants. On the other day, you can walk past the Baliem Valley Resort border where you will meet the kind-hearted Dani tribes with their plantation.

Kotikota Cave

Heading to the northern part of the Baliem Valley Resort, your economical vacation will take you to see the beautiful scenery of Kotikola cave. The beauty of the cave is famous for its gigantic stalagmites and stalactites and in some parts thousand bats are swinging. Besides, the ancient painting on the wall depicts that this cave used to be the place where the ancestors live in.
The extraordinary painting portrays the human and it always attracts the visitors to think about on how people in the past time could create the painting on the wall. In other parts of the cave, you will see the dense vegetation where you can see the sunlight break through the hole. The stunning Kotikola cave always becomes the main destination when people spend
holiday at Baliem Valley Resort.
Baliem Valley Resort is the perfect tourist destination where people wants to leave the hectic city life to see the beautiful of the nature where you can meet the culturally people of Dani tribes. This economical vacation will leave you in admiration to see how the ancient tribes treat you very well.
The exquisite of the Baliem Valley Resort that offers you with the Baliem Valley below also the very best scenic panorama where you can enjoy from the veranda. Thus, this site will be the most recommended destination for those who want to take a tour to the deep Papua.

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